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Briquetting & Pelletising

Picko specialise in briquetting of ore and alloy waste by-products. Picko has developed and supplied complete briquetting machines.

Environmental Solutions

We convert various fines and waste from dams, bag-houses, crushing and screening plants into products suitable as raw material replacements.

Water Treatment

We have vast experience in operating water and sewage treatment plants.

Metal Recovery

Supply and operations of Jigging plants. We have extensive experience in improving yields via skimming, post taphole improvements and slag dump management.

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  • Briquetting & Pelletising

    We combine various by-products and waste streams into briquettes suitable for re-use as raw materials. These briquettes are 100% waterproof and can withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C. Click Here to find out more
  • Jigging operations

    We design and operate jigging plants. We have specialists to solve problems and optimize jigging plants. Click Here to find out more
  • Specialist laboratory

    Fully equipped laboratory for in-house testing, and test work for briquetting clients. Specialising in briquette optimization and binding selections for ore and alloys. Various tests are conducted to determine optimum compaction and moisture content, swell index of raw materials, sieve analysis, optimum ratios of raw materials, briquette strength, drop tests, waterproofing and tumble tests. Click Here to find out more
  • Safety Systems

    We are proud of our simple, effective safety system at all of our operations. With years of experience, we combined an easy to use, comprehensive safety management system based on ISO 18001. Up to date we have recorded no serious injuries at any of our sites and comply to all our clients' standards and procedures. We believe safety comes first, for our employees and for the longevity of our company. Click Here to find out more


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