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Due to limited supply, long delivery lead times and high cost of plants, Picko started developing their own plants in 2008. Operating in harsh operating environments allowed Picko to extensively develop machines which are rugged and reliable - with spare parts and consumables readily available at a fraction of the costs.

New pocket designs (for briquetting plants) in both shape and sizing are easily developed at Picko. Picko makes use of 3D printing technology to design and manufacture patterns that are then used to cast the segments. Segments are made of an extremely hard alloy which was especially developed for maximum durability.


Generally agglomerating a material offers a variety of benefits:

  • Improved handling & transportation
  • Improved end-product characteristics
  • More efficient utilisation of raw or waste materials
  • Significant dust reduction

From an economic and environmental perspective, agglomeration offers a variety of multi-dimensional benefits right thought the value chain: from raw materials to end-product and waste.


Picko believes in providing customers with solutions with sustainable results underpinned by our quality products as a philosophy for success. To achieve quick turnaround, our approach is to first consider pre-configured Picko solutions, and if not achievable, to then proceed to a solution development process.


  • Building long term trust relationships with clients
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • We diligently work on solutions
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